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Howard Strawberry Farm

Howard Strawberry Farm
Howard Strawberry Farm
11508 W Remus Rd,
Remus, MI

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Although the Howards are known for their horses, they actually have been in the strawberry business for much longer. Harold Howard, now 83, was only 5 when his father started the Strawberry fields. Now 76 years later there are many more fields, and more fields means more berries.
Just like the horse operation, the stawberry farm also is run by the family. The family working runs four generations deep. They also hire students from local schools, mostly Chippawa Hills, to come and pick berries. Every summer they toil away in the 10 acres of strawberry fields in Remus, picking strawberry after strawberry.
Darlene Howard, Harold’s wife, does the selling up at the front door and two of their daughters also help. Along with the family workers are the students. They usuallly have some 30 students who pick berries. Most of them agree that when working at Howards, everyone feels like one big family.
You can pick your own or buy pre-picked berries. Come visit us during our Strawberry season, mid-June to mid-July to take home a little bit of the Howard Family Farm. We’re convieniently located on M-20. Stop by on your way through, or make a special trip out for Michigan’s finest strawberries. We promise it will be well worth the trip!!
Located at: 11508 Remus Rd. (M-20) Remus, MI 49340

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