Remus area historical books make great gifts!

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Buy for your loved ones now!  Prices listed below apply if buyer picks up at the Museum;  

if shipped, add $4 shipping/handling per book.  

If interested, contact Char Lenon by calling (989) 560-2431 or by emailing or  Checks can be

made out to Remus Area Historical Society.  Mailing address:

324 S. Sheridan, P. O. Box 71, Remus, MI 49340


Remus Area Centennial          $20            

Before Remus Consolidated Schools $20             

Blanchard Area Centennial     $10            

Heritage Recipes (small)       $10   

Old Settlers Coloring Books   $12           

Mecosta-Morton Video Tour   $20                        


Books by James Carl Wood:

Hidden Places and Forgotten Facts (small)      $18             

In the Woods (Part 2)                                     $15         

Company E                                                   $11          

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