Morning Sun Reports: Clay Knob Farms saved from closure with help from Dr. Pol

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Clay Knob Farms saved from closure with help from Dr. Pol, a donation campaign and proactive financing

As described on the GoFundMe page, two Remus area brothers, “Dale and Phil Lehnert, have been dairy farmers in Central Michigan their entire lives. Following in a tradition that started in 1856, Clay Knob Farms has produced high quality and affordable dairy products for five generations. Unfortunately, Dale and Phil are about to go out of business due to low milk prices and tough economic times.  To Dale and Phil, this is more than just a business.  This is their home, livelihood, way of life, and passion. Please donate to help keep this family farm open for the generations to come.” 

Farming and logging have been at the foundation of the Remus area economy since originally settled in the 1860’s. 

Launched by Charles Pol, donations are still being accepted at the GoFundMe site.  To date 2,489 gifts, as small as $10, have come in from across the nation; over 1/3 of the goal amount of $263,426 has been raised since August.  You can help by making a gift to support our neighbors at:

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