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The Remus Area Historical group formed to preserve our heritage. We hope to generate interest, encourage historical research, and bring a better understanding among our citizens of how the settlers and early residents of the area laid the foundations for our current way of life. The area includes Remus as well as Broomfield, Colfax, Millbrook, Morton, Rolland, Sheridan, Hinton, Martiny, Colfax, and Wheatland Townships. The group is collecting and preserving significant materials and making them accessible to the public. Anyone who is interested in and enjoys history can become a member. We welcome new acquisitions and members. If you have materials such as documents, photos, old news clippings, local stories or poetry, as well as historical items, that you would donate or loan for duplicating please advise Char Lenon or Linda Howard. You can also sign up for an oral history to share your stories or the genealogy of your family or make a donation in honor or in memory of someone.


Linda Howard  989- 560-8305

Char Lenon  989 967-8153

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324 S. Sheridan, P.O. Box 71, Remus, Michigan 49340

A Michigan nonprofit corporation with federal tax-exempt status (501(c)(3). Our purpose is to preserve and celebrate the rich heritage of Wheatland, Broomfield, Rolland, Millbrook, Hinton, Sheridan, Morton, Martiny, Austin, Colfax Townships, and surrounding area.

October 2020

Dear Neighbor:

            We hope you are able to support your local Remus Museum with a gift.  Annual donor/member gifts are used to operate the museum and carry out activities.  The Remus Area Historical Society, Inc., an educational and charitable organization, was formed to celebrate the heritage and preserve the cultural and historical resources of the eastern townships of Mecosta County and the western edge of Isabella County. The Museum serves area residents, tourists, and former residents.  The all-volunteer group is organized as a nonprofit corporation; donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law.  This year those who do not itemize will be able to deduct donations up to $300 due to CARES Act.  

            Thanks To You we continue to make progress. This last year we held Genealogy workshop series and added to the Agricultural display in recognition of the Gerald Stickler.  Work continues on an oral history project featuring photos and interviews with area elders and an “Honoring Our Community” project that includes historical placards with photos and information about old Remus to be mounted in town.  Museum volunteers also worked to catalog the Morgan West Wheatland cemetery in Wheatland Township collating all available records to make death and burial records more complete and are beginning work on Morton Township Cemetery.  We are continually improving our historical collection and making it available to you at the Remus Museum open from May – October!  Volunteers always welcome!  

We so appreciate all the support you’ve given us over the years.  Please complete the donor form below and mail it along with your check to P.O. Box 71, Remus, Michigan, 49340. If you have further questions, please contact me at (989) 560-8305 or email me at   lhoward@cmsinter.net.   Thank You in advance! 

Very truly yours, 

Linda Howard, Board President

For more information, go to the Remus website at www.remus.org, email: RemusMuseum@gmail.com, call Linda Howard (989) 560-8305, Char Lenon  (989) 967-8153, or Dawn Snyder  (989) 561-5469

Yes, I wish to support the Remus Area Historical Society (RAHS) and museum.

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$____ is enclosed for 2021 RAHS membership. ($35-individual, $50-family, $100-business or group, $500 – supporting member/group. ) 

Enclosed is also a $ _____gift made in memory/honor of: __________________________Please mail an acknowledgement to __________________(name) _____________________________(address) _______________________________city/state/zip.

$________ TOTAL enclosed.

Please make check made payable to RAHS mail to: Remus Area Historical Society (RAHS), Inc., P.O. Box 71, Remus, Michigan 49340 or send a gift by using the payment button by going to Remus.org or Remus Area Historical Society on Facebook.