Remus Church of God

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9039 20th Ave.
Remus, Michigan 49340
( 517 ) 967 – 8861

The organization of the first Church of God in Remus started with meetings from house to house. Cottage prayer meetings were held in 1910 with Mrs. Emily Hewlett and Mrs. Viola Lenon as leaders. Some others in the early organization of the church were: Mr. and Mrs. Henry Esch, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ockert Sr., Mrs. Irene Snyder, Mrs. Effie Wyant and Mrs. Ella Hoover. Later the group persuaded Rev. Dyer, pastor of the Mt. Pleasant church of God to hold monthly services. In Oct.1933, Rev. and Mrs. Lynn D. Wright came to Remus from Traverse City, and started services in the up-stairs over the Red and White store, then known as the harness shop, now known as Baumann’s IGA. Others who came into the organization at this time, Mrs. Linnie Lenon, Mr. and Mrs. Guy Gage, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Midlum, Mrs. Lizzie Hinton and Mrs. Rachel Elliott. In 1934, the congregation had grown so rapidly the hall over the Wheelock store was rented with Rev. Wright as full time pastor.

The Wrights were renting a large house in Remus and soon services were moved into their home. The people purchased a lot, cleared it and in 1935 with much faith, hard labor, and donations in time, money and materials and under the guidance of Rev. Wright, the congregation and members of the community started building the church. In approximately 1936, the church purchased a bus for church and Sunday school purposes.

On Nov.22, 1936, Opal Decker and Joe Ockert were the first couple married in the church. A year later, Bertha Ockert and Floyd Young were the second couple married there. In the fall of 1941, Rev. Wright left to pastor the church at Plymouth. In December of the same year, Rev. Everhart came. He was pastor for three years.

In 1945, Rev. and Mrs. B. E. Varner came to pastor the Remus Church. Besides pastoring, he did interior decorating and drove school bus to help supplement his income. God blessed the Varner’s ministry. During there stay in Remus, Sister Varner passed away. She was loved by everyone. In about 1955, Rev. Varner resigned and Rev. and Mrs. H. J. Pulsipher Jr. came to be the pastor for three years. Following them, Rev. and Mrs. Duell Butler came in 1958. They were a singing family and added much to the worship service. After one year they left and Rev. and Mrs. Don Crabtree came, they left after two years.

They were followed by Rev. and Mrs. Arlo Gould. Three years later, Rev. and Mrs. Rolland Behnke came for three years, also. In 1968 Rev. and Mrs. Jack Dunn were here for four years. In 1973 Rev. and Mrs. Harold Messer came and in the same year Rev. and Mrs. Ambrose Strassner came and they served until his death in July 1976. During his time as pastor a new front was put up, new bathrooms put in, kitchen in the basement finished. The people all loved him. The new altar was dedicated in his memory in Aug.1976.