Chippewa Hills Baptist Church

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9166 25TH AVENUE
REMUS MI 49340

Chippewa Hills Baptist Church was established after a search was made throughout the area for the right place to locate a Bible-preaching work. As it turned out Remus was discovered to be in the hub of the area and so the search was narrowed to the village. After several months of looking, the fine old house of Dr. Franklin was negotiated for and purchased. The house was found to be suitable for services and also proves to be a nice residence for the Missionary and his family. The use of a house was no problem as this practice is one that has been used since the cruxification. The church is already in the process of outgrowing the chapel area and is looking for property on which to build a church building. This will leave the house as the parsonage.

The establishing Missionaries are Rev. and Mrs. Jack Nichols who came here from Ludington where they started Calvary Baptist Church. The Nichols’ were sent out under the Galilean Baptist Mission that has established some 70 churches in Michigan.

Chippewa Hills Baptist started full services on July 4, 1976. This makes them the newest church in the area. Only one year was spent in the first hundred years of Remus’ history but they plan on serving the area in the future of Remus.